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GSM Products

Vignette Duo Modem 02

tc65i 4

Terminal JAVA TC65i

Terminal GSM Quad Band programmable in JAVA, has unique characteristics implemented by Duodigit with 2 SIM Cards, USB communication and scheduling AutoRestart.


 MC55iT BR


The Terminal MC55iT-BR is a GSM modem for professional use and robust that offers state of the art in GSM/GPRS connectivity for M2M (machine to machine).

The MC55iT-BR transmits data and text messages (SMS) via mobile GSM/GPRS network, is also controlled by firmware via AT commands.



GSM Terminal, ideal for Voice and data transmission.



Duodigit has wide range of accessories such as antennas, sources, antenna connectors, SIM Card connectors.


Trading Partner

Fabricante brasileiro de Modem GSM/GPRS e representante das soluções de Biometria da id3 et da MBFingermetrica.