Elyctis Procucts

ID BOX One – Desktop series

Features:  4-in-1: ISO14443 contactless reader, 2x ISO 7816 contact reader, ISO 7816 SAM reader, OCR scanner

Benefits:  Read any MRZ & contactless chip without user action. Cost efficient compared to complete datapage scanner. Read both MRZ characters and contactless chip data without movement. 

Markets:  Any place where complete datapage scan is not needed and ease of use is required: Police identification, Airport check-in, Self service terminals, Border control, Hotels, Banks, Car rental companies

Customers:  Public and private companies requiring automatic identity verification. 

Datasheet ID BOX One – Desktop Series.

ID BOX One – Attach series

Features: Ready to snap on the side of an existing kiosk, automat, vending machine etc. The ID BOX One – Attach series reads all ePassports and ID documents such as national ID cards, driver’s licenses, residence permits and others… 

Benefits: ID BOX One Attach is the smallest static eID reader of the market. ID BOX One – Attach series reads the MRZ and the chip of electronic ID documents without action from the user. It supports all ICAO standards and ensures documents are read fast and accurately. 

Markets: Hotel check-in, airport passport control, self-service terminal, banking KYC, SIM registration, car rental, … 

Customers: Integrators or third parties in need of adding ID document reading functions onto kiosks, terminals, etc. 

Data sheet ID BOX One – Attach series.

ID TAB – 9″ series

Features:  ID-dedicated tablet with all-in-one functionalities and additional modules

Benefits:  Fast reading of all types of ID documents without user action thanks to static MRZ and RFID readers. Better ergonomy than MRZ swipe-through solutions

Markets: Mobile eID checkeID authentication Airport check-inQueue boostingKYC (Banks & Telecoms)Car rentalHotel check-in

Customers:  Public and private companies requiring mobile identity verification.   

Datasheet ID TAB – 9″ series.